Corona – calm through the crisis!

Corona – calm through the crisis!

The HelloBetter Corona online course will help you strengthen your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over eight weeks you'll learn to cope better with tension, worry, and fear by practicing self-care.

Suitable for you if...

  • you feel tense, worried, or anxious due to the coronavirus crisis.
  • the current restrictions are making you feel lonely and disoriented.
  • the sudden changes have created unexpected professional or private challenges for you.
  • you are generally concerned about your mental health during the crisis and want to do something for your long-term wellbeing.

Overview of course content

Packed with articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises the course is not just effective but fun, too! Through a variety of methods, you’ll learn:

  • what causes stress and tension.
  • which personal challenges you’re facing during the coronavirus crisis.
  • how you can effectively solve existing problems.
  • how you can cope better with unsolvable problems.
  • how to identify and harness sources of strength.
  • how to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings, and emerge from the crisis psychologically stronger.

What can the course help me achieve?

We’re here to help you stay strong in this time of crisis. In six randomized controlled studies, this course was proven effective in reducing stress long term, with half of all participants completely stress-free! The current situation poses new challenges for all of us, and can cause tension, worry, and fear. We’ve therefore adapted our evidence-based stress management course specifically to the current crisis. Given the rapidly changing nature of the situation, it’s particularly important to us that the skills you learn in this course are valuable both in the short and long term.

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Our HelloBetter Corona online course helps you strengthen your wellbeing and manage stress during the coronavirus crisis.
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Good to Know

Questions and Answers

  • Are the courses effective?

    Yes! The courses have been proven effective in 32 clinical studies conducted according to the strictest quality criteria. No other company worldwide has so much evidence for the effectiveness of its courses. The studies showed not just that the courses work, but that they perform extremely well in improving mental health. 30-50% of participants were completely free from symptoms after completing the course. Sleep problems are reduced, stress levels are healthy, and symptoms of depression are significantly improved. However, the courses cannot be guaranteed to work for any given individual. In order to succeed, you need to be motivated to make changes and integrate the course into your daily life. Customer satisfaction with our courses is very high: over 90% of participants would recommend us to a friend.

  • Do I remain anonymous, or do you share my data with Allianz Partners and/ or my employer?

    We do not share any personal data with Allianz Partners. We use certain anonymized data to improve the quality of our courses, including the number of registered users, the average symptoms of our users, and course completion rates.

  • Where is my data stored? How do you ensure the security of my data?

    Your data is stored on German servers according to the strictest data protection regulations. You can find more information on data protection at

  • What qualifications do your psychologists have?

    You can choose to be guided through each course by a psychologist. We require our psychologists to be qualified to a very high level. All of our psychologists have a post-graduate qualification in psychology, and are in the process of completing their advanced training as psychotherapists. They are supervised in their work for HelloBetter by qualified psychotherapists. Your questions and concerns are therefore always dealt with by qualified professionals who are experienced in a range of mental health symptoms and problems.

  • For whom is the service intended? Do I have to be an Allianz Partners customer?

    If your employer directed you to our services, you can access them for free without being an Allianz Partners customer yourself. If you found out about us through another route (such as via a web search), please contact us at

  • Who can I contact in an emergency?

    You can call our hotline every day between 8am and 8pm for help with any mental health concerns, including urgent support in crisis situations. If you are experiencing an acute episode of suicidal thoughts, please call the emergency services (112 in Germany). The German “Telefonseelsorge” – a mental health hotline – is also available 24 hours a day:

  • Can I access the course on my smartphone?

    You can log in to the course using the web browser on your smartphone. The course platform is optimised for mobile. However, for various reasons, we recommend that you use your laptop, tablet, or PC. Our courses often require you to sit quietly for a while and write about something, reflect on your experiences, or watch a video. We find that our participants are often distracted when using their smartphones. We therefore recommend that you make yourself comfortable and use your computer or tablet.

  • What does the course involve?

    Each course is based on proven strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy. It contains a total of 8 online course units of about one hour each. You can study at your own pace and access the course for an entire year. Packed with articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises, the courses are fun as well as effective. You’ll explore and improve your symptoms with the help of relaxation and visualisation exercises, quiz questions, an online diary, and much more. Example coursemates accompany you through each module so you know exactly what to do.

  • I feel like my mental health is already good. Are your services for me?

    Our HelloBetter “Stress Free” and “Calm through the Crisis” courses are also intended for people without any mental health problems, who want to stay healthy. The course will help you find out exactly what it is that keeps you healthy! You”ll learn to strengthen your existing resources and use them to optimal effect. Our “Sleep” and “Depression” courses are intended for people with existing sleep problems or depressive symptoms. These symptoms do not need to be particularly strong for the course to be appropriate. You might notice only very mild symptoms, but want to work on them anyway. If that sounds like you, you’re in exactly the right place!

  • Which languages are the courses available in?

    Currently all courses are available in German and English. Please note that the language picked in the sign up process is the language reflected on the course. If you wish to change the course language and have already signed up please contact our support on +49 40 87406717  or send a mail to

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