Stress free – The online course
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The HelloBetter stress online course is the world’s most scientifically proven online program for preventing and managing stress.

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Suitable for you, if…

  • you feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed in your everyday life.
  • you’re struggling to cope with your problems.
  • professional or private responsibilities are limiting your quality of life.
  • you’re worried about burning out.

Overview of course content

Through articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises, you’ll learn:

  • the causes of stress.
  • how to identify your personal stress triggers.
  • how to solve your problems instead of carrying them around.
  • how to cope better with unsolvable problems.
  • how to identify and harness your personal sources of strength.
  • how to deal calmly with negative thoughts and feelings.

What can the course help me achieve?

You’ll explore your stress symptoms and quickly improve your wellbeing with our relaxation exercises, quizzes, online diary, practical strategies, and much more. The course has been scientifically proven in eight clinical studies to reduce stress long term.

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Our HelloBetter stress online course significantly reduces your stress levels and strengthens your psychological wellbeing.
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